strEATS Kitchen - Shaking Up Canadian Fast-Casual Dining

No matter where in the world you travel, chances are you can find a unique culinary experience on the streets of any city. From arepas in Venezuela to bánh mì in Vietnam, street food is the great unifier – even if what’s on the menu is different everywhere you go.

In Calgary, in Alberta, Canada, the innovative dining concept of strEATS was born in 2017 to harness the vibrant spirit of street food around the world. This energy was channeled into a creative, and constantly rotating, menu chock-full of inspired tacos, poutines, burritos and bowls, all bursting with fresh ingredients and global flavors.

Over the past five years, the business has grown to include over 20 locations across North America, each with its own unique vibe to reflect the locale in which it sits. As it has scaled, strEATS has not only delivered on its commitment to turn fast-casual dining on its head with mind-blowing experiences, but it also has upheld standards of environmental sustainability and community involvement along the way.

For prospective franchisees joining the strEATS team, the level of support that comes with owning and operating your own business is practically second to none.

Beyond Oil and Joey's Franchising Complete Successful Testing & Pilot Program in Canada

Beyond Oil Ltd. (CSE:BOIL) ("Beyond Oil" or the "Company") is a food-tech innovation company extending the life of frying oil, reducing costs and waste, is pleased to announce that, following its news release dated March 22, 2022, a testing and pilot program (the "Pilot Program") of Beyond Oil's product by Joey's Franchising Ltd. ("Joey's") has successfully been completed.

"During my thirty-five years in the restaurant and food service industry, we have tried all the products we could find to extend the life of our frying oil, and Beyond Oil's product is the only one that has delivered," said Joe Klassen, CEO of Joey's. "Most restaurants have to change their frying oil every three to seven days, but after completing our Pilot Program in a working restaurant, we can confirm Beyond Oil's formulation can extend the life of frying oil up to 14 days."

Read more here.

strEATS: Authentically Inauthentic

While strEATS burst onto the scene in Calgary, Canada, in 2017, it wasn’t the team’s first rodeo. They had already solidified their claim to fame with Joey’s Seafood Restaurants, a staple in Canada since 1985, celebrated for fish and chips and a secret-family-recipe golden batter that Joe (Joey) Klassen developed himself.

But now, with strEATS, they’re dominating the fast-casual market with cutting-edge food trends and a globally inspired menu that features a mouthwatering array of tacos, burritos, and poutines (otherwise lovingly known as street food and the inspiration behind the strEATS moniker).

It’s what Colin Klassen, strEATS’ head chef and menu mastermind, calls “instagrammable quick- service food,” and its popularity is spreading like wildfire. The brand has already rolled out restaurants in four Canadian provinces, adding a dozen locations in 2021.

The Shift to Fish Shack is Growing Serious Momentum

The growth of North America’s largest seafood restaurant chain has been spurred on by a change in how consumers are eating out. Joey’s Fish Shack’s focus on the experience has drawn the attention of restaurateurs nation-wide.

“Our restaurant has grown up. It’s less cafeteria and far cozier,” says Joe Klassen, founder and CEO of Joey’s Only Franchising Ltd. “Our restaurant décor makes for a more welcoming feel.”

Another new Joey’s has evolved in the west end of Edmonton. The opening of Joey’s Fish Shack in Terra Losa in August 2021 makes 8 new Joey’s Fish Shacks in less than a year.

St. Albert sees a revival of sorts with Joey’s Fish Shack

When Joey’s first came to St. Albert in October 1993, the goal was long-term service for the community. 29 years later, a new spirit has emerged at 3506 Tudor Glen Market – a new and improved Joey’s 2.0.

“Joey’s Fish Shack offers a new menu, a new atmosphere and a new outlook on food,” says Joe Klassen, founder and CEO of Joey’s Only Franchising Ltd. “It’s a step we needed to take to stay current and top of mind with the new consumer.”

Joey’s Fish Shack offers All-You-Can-Eat Fish and Chips on Tuesdays

Like family from another mother, Joey’s Fish Shack is a growing destination in Calgary! Of course, it was founded here so it makes sense that we are so strong in the west! Cone check us out or better yet, come join our franchise family as we grow throughout North America.

Joey’s Seafood and Joey’s Fish Shack among top 10 places to get Fish & Chips in Edmonton

Fish and chips are always a fried food favourite, even in a city as landlocked as Edmonton.

While fish and chips are enjoyable year-round, we’ve found ourselves craving the beer-battered, tartar sauce-covered meal a little more than usual with Easter weekend nearly upon us.

Whether you dine-in, order delivery, or pick up a meal to enjoy during a picnic, this traditional English dish is sure to hit the spot.

Very excited to see that both Joey’s Seafood and Joey’s Fish Shack made the top ten and one of our pictures was on the front cover!

Dave Mossey, senior partner of StrEATS talks opportunity

Dave Mossey, senior partner of StrEATS, recently explained how the cutting-edge eatery delivers more than surprisingly fresh and delicious street food.

Dave Mossey talks strEATS opportunities!

Listen close. The sound of strEATS!

The ASMR Bros take on strEATS Oliver Kitchen in Edmonton, AB. Hilarious! Listen here!

Western Canadian restaurant chain OPENS more stores during the pandemic

With all the hardships experienced by restaurants throughout the pandemic, it’s interesting to see a few new places opening up. strEATS is a Western Canadian chain that takes food truck favorites into a venue. And there are several of them in the Fraser Valley with the newest one just opening in Maple Ridge. Watch as Mike Klassen talks with Gloria Macarenko from CBC Vancouver. Click to watch Gloria Macarenko interview Mike Klassen from strEATS