The 30 Best New Canadian Restaurants of 2021

It should go without saying that any and all restaurants that got off the ground (or managed to keep their doors open) while navigating the pandemic are nothing short of heroic. And while 2021 has been another different year for the restaurant industry, full of makeshift rules and fluid regulations, it at least did see some patrons able to dine indoors coast to coast to coast.

strEATS as grown during the pandemic, opening a handful of high performing restaurants that are geared to success with pick-up and delivery!

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See yourself at strEATS!

strEATS Kitchen makes "Top 30 new restaurants 2021"

strEATS just made Complex Canadas” Top 30 new restaurants 2021” with their Red Deer location and is proving that being consistent and always offering the freshest ingredient has become an important factor for customers who visit each of their locations.

strEATS pride themselves on using only the freshest ingredients. They cook almost everything in house and made to order.

From slow cooking their beef and pork to cutting all necessary ingredients to make their famous Sauces and Salsas!

check out – strEATS just made Complex Canadas “Top 30 new restaurants 2021”

Another strEATS opening in the lower mainland

With the snow you may be pining for warmer weather, or eating food that reminds you of warmer weather. Do you enjoy casual Mexican food, poutine with a Mexican twist, pot pies, and more? There is a new restaurant opening in Maple Ridge called strEATS (street Eats). I did not notice any wine or beer in their beverage list, but I will check to see if it is available in person. Here is their press release about their new restaurant location.

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Waitress-Turned-Owner: Nikita Kish at StrEATS

NikitaWhen Nikita Kish, who had spent over a decade feeling unfulfilled working in the service industry, learned about strEATS’ franchise offering, she knew that she had to take a bite of the appetizing opportunity.

“My job was becoming less fulfilling as the years went by, and I wanted more freedom to live my life while still doing what I loved – connecting with people. I had the opportunity to be one of the first strEATS to open, and it was one of the best decisions in my life.” said Kish, owner of the West Lethbridge location…

A great restaurant investment in Medicine Hat

Our franchise partners in Medicine hat have this awesome story about our restaurants on! Robyn and Mauricio have done so well to succeed in the toughest of conditions.
We thank them for their hard work and their attention to customer service! They have revived Joey's in Medicine Hat!

The shift to Fish Shack is growing serious momentum

The growth of Canadas largest seafood restaurant chain has been spurred on by a change in how consumers are eating out. Joey’s Fish Shacks focus on the experience has drawn the attention of restaurateurs nation-wide.

“Our restaurant has grown up. It’s less cafeteria and far cozier,” says Joe Klassen, founder and CEO of Joey’s Only Franchising Ltd. “Our restaurant décor makes for a more welcoming feel.

Another new Joey’s has evolved in the west end of Edmonton. The opening of Joey’s Fish Shack in Terra Losa in August 2021 makes 8 new Joey’s Fish Shacks in less than a year.

Franchise Canada explores flavour-packed burritos - like at strEATS

Welcome to Burrito-ville
Franchise Canada explores flavour-packed burritos, pitas, and wraps that are served in franchises across Canada. Take a read…
but look no further than our strEATS!

Skew up your Summer 6 pack with Joey’s Fish & Shrimp Skewer feast


Starting May 10, customers at Joey’s Seafood Restaurants and Joey’s Fish Shacks across Canada will get a great summer deal on the perfect size family meal.

“Limited access to our dining rooms have allowed us to pivot to take-out and our 6-piece Joey’s Fish & Chips is the perfect size meal for a small family," says Joe Klassen, founder and CEO of Joey’s Only Franchising Ltd.  "Feeding your family for under $30 is tough these days, this deal is perfect for most family cohorts.”

Throughout the summer, seafood lovers can feast on this picnic style meal, complete with plenty of natural-cut fries and house made coleslaw. At $29, it’s hard to argue with the value. In addition to the 6-piece meal, Joey’s customers can feast on Shrimp Skewers – flavoured with Sweet & Spicy Thai, Seafood Sauce and Chipotle Aioli.

“We are happy to help keep the costs of feeding your family down," says Dave Holland, Vice President of Marketing and Design, Joey's Restaurants. “Our 6-pack makes a great summertime picnic and our Shrimp Skewers are a delicious value.”

Blending Past and Present Ingredients

Canada’s largest seafood restaurant chain began with a young man’s vision of a casual full-service restaurant catering to the Canadian love for down home style fish and chips. “I was 21 and had an idea for a seafood restaurant,” says Joe Klassen, founder of Joey’s Seafood Restaurants and founder/partner of Joey’s Franchising Group. “I knew it couldn’t be a burger place — there were already so many out there — so in Calgary in 1985, with my wife, Theresa, I started our first store with 39 seats.”

The new restaurant, first known as Joey’s Only, was a mid-priced, friendly place to go for heaping plates of simply delicious seafood, but as Klassen notes, it wasn’t easy going in those early days. “After about six or seven months, one Sunday morning I woke up and looked across at my wife and said, ‘It’s just not working, and all we’re doing is feeding it money. Should we close down the store?’ But she said ‘No, let’s give it another good chance’, and that’s what we did. Things started to climb after that.”

The menu featured not only the ever-popular fish and chips, but also a variety of dishes and recipes including salmon, halibut, shrimp, mussels, and crab. The concept took off and after a year, the couple opened another restaurant in Calgary, and another four after that. In 1989, Klassen partnered with David Mossey to open three more Joey’s in Edmonton.

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Joey’s celebrates Fish & Chips Season in style with massive OgopoJoe Fish Sandwich

9 years ago, Joey’s Seafood Restaurants declared the 40 days that follow Ash Wednesday as Fish & Chips Season, and ever since, have had a corner on the market across Canada.

“It’s time again for a Joey’s Seafood favourite, their glorious Fish & Chips,” said Joe Klassen, founder and CEO of Joey’s Only Franchising Ltd.  “Delicious cold-water whitefish, lightly battered alongside sacred tasty golden chips. Now is the time to embrace this divine treat.”

The brand has commanded the seafood market during lent, a naturally occurring time of increased fish consumption. Joey’s pits the OgopoJoe – their famous fish sandwich against the seasonal offerings from other non-traditional seafood brands like Wendy’s and McDonalds.

“We know we have the best Fish Sandwich on the market and encourage everyone to sea the difference,” said Dave Holland, VP of Marketing. “When you do the math, there’s just no comparison. You don’t have to sacrifice flavour during lent.”