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What is Joey’s Fish Shack?

Joey’s Fish Shack is a new offering from Joey’s Only Franchising Ltd., franchisor for Joey’s Seafood Restaurants, a strong and well known brand across Canada that is known best for its signature Fish & Chip recipe. With new trendy recipes that include Ahi Tuna Avocado Toast, Sous Vide Chicken and a series of gourmet french fry toppings, there is always something for everyone at Joey’s Fish Shack. Using our extensive purchasing and distribution network we can supply our franchises across Canada with quality product at low food costs. Since opening the first restaurant in Calgary, AB in 1985, Joey’s Seafood Restaurants, formerly Joey’s Only Seafood Restaurants has grown to be Canada’s largest seafood restaurant Chain with 45 locations across North America. We expect even better result from Joey’s Fish Shack.

Our Franchising History

In 1985, Joe Klassen realized that there was a market opportunity between the 6,000 square foot full-service seafood concepts like Red Lobster, and the fast-food chains like Long John Silvers. The result was the creation of a high-quality, full service, mid-priced, neighborhood seafood restaurant that started as Joey’s Only Seafood and is known today as Joey’s Seafood Restaurant®. The  concept quickly established a reputation for its quaint, entertaining atmosphere, delicious made-to-order seafood entrees, and engaging customer service. Today, Joey’s Fish Shack promises to take Joey’s proven track record as a solid operating system, and grow in all Canadian communities.

6 Reasons to Consider a Joey’s Fish Shack Franchise

  • Longevity of the Concept – An important consideration is how long a concept has been in existence. If it is a franchise just starting out, and not proven, there is more risk than with a mature concept.

  • Market Niche – Joey’s Fish Shack is a mid-price, high quality neighborhood fast casual restaurant. Nationally as well as locally, there are very limited competitors.

  • Growing Trend – The popularity of seafood and our trend sensitive menu approach ensures we are always current with flavours at all times. More people are choosing to dine on seafood, perceived as healthy eating.

  • Availability of Good Locations – The advantage is that we fill a market niche with little competition, yet provide developers and landlords with an exciting option to the “ordinary concepts” in the market today.

  • Staffing – Joey’s Fish Shack requires fewer employees because of its unique operation, menu, and facility design. In this labor market, the fewer the employees required to operate the better.

  • Cost of a Franchise – The investment to own a Joey’s is often considerably less than many other franchise concepts.

Our Passion

At Joey’s, our passion is people. We love dealing with everyone; at a dining room table, a hostess stand or a board room table. We believe in replicating our original success and improving our partner’s quality of life. We treat our Franchise Partners as family, We insist on building relationships with our partners to help encourage them in their businesses and we work hand in hand to help them succeed. We believe that the relationship between our guests and our partners is as important as the food. This helps our guests feel comfortable in Joey’s and return time after time. We are the largest and most established Seafood Chain in the country. Joey’s Fish Shack takes our brand to another level.

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