No matter where in the world you travel, chances are you can find a unique culinary experience on the streets of any city. From arepas in Venezuela to bánh mì in Vietnam, street food is the great unifier – even if what’s on the menu is different everywhere you go.

In Calgary, in Alberta, Canada, the innovative dining concept of strEATS was born in 2017 to harness the vibrant spirit of street food around the world. This energy was channeled into a creative, and constantly rotating, menu chock-full of inspired tacos, poutines, burritos and bowls, all bursting with fresh ingredients and global flavors.

Over the past five years, the business has grown to include over 20 locations across North America, each with its own unique vibe to reflect the locale in which it sits. As it has scaled, strEATS has not only delivered on its commitment to turn fast-casual dining on its head with mind-blowing experiences, but it also has upheld standards of environmental sustainability and community involvement along the way.

For prospective franchisees joining the strEATS team, the level of support that comes with owning and operating your own business is practically second to none.