While strEATS burst onto the scene in Calgary, Canada, in 2017, it wasn’t the team’s first rodeo. They had already solidified their claim to fame with Joey’s Seafood Restaurants, a staple in Canada since 1985, celebrated for fish and chips and a secret-family-recipe golden batter that Joe (Joey) Klassen developed himself.

But now, with strEATS, they’re dominating the fast-casual market with cutting-edge food trends and a globally inspired menu that features a mouthwatering array of tacos, burritos, and poutines (otherwise lovingly known as street food and the inspiration behind the strEATS moniker).

It’s what Colin Klassen, strEATS’ head chef and menu mastermind, calls “instagrammable quick- service food,” and its popularity is spreading like wildfire. The brand has already rolled out restaurants in four Canadian provinces, adding a dozen locations in 2021.