Are you considering joining the Joey’s Franchise Group family and opening a new restaurant? We have some exciting news – our 22nd Streats location is just set to make its mark in Cloverdale, Surrey, BC! Here’s how we launched the new location!

Tailoring to Local Tastes

Customization Matters: At Joey’s Franchise Group, we believe in the power of customization. Understanding the local community is key, and our commitment to adapting to each location ensures that your restaurant seamlessly integrates into the Cloverdale atmosphere. Tailoring to local tastes sets the stage for a thriving business.

Preparing for a Grand Opening Extravaganza

Grand Opening Week: The grand opening is not just an event; it’s a week-long celebration. Scheduled from January 15th to the 21st, it provides the perfect opportunity to introduce your new Streats restaurant to the community, generate excitement, and make a lasting impression. A well-executed grand opening sets the tone for long-term success.

Creating Buzz Through a Robust Marketing Plan

Strategic Marketing Magic: Success is often determined by the buzz you create. Utilize a variety of marketing channels, from social media to local publications, to spread the word about your grand opening. Building anticipation ensures a strong turnout and establishes your Streats restaurant as a must-visit destination in Cloverdale.

Create a Robust Marketing Plan: Elevate your marketing efforts by developing a comprehensive plan. Identify target audiences, leverage digital platforms, and explore partnerships with local influencers. A strategic marketing plan will not only drive traffic during the grand opening but will continue to attract customers in the long run.

Team Training for Excellence

Team Dynamics: Your team is the heart of your Streats restaurant. Prioritize comprehensive training sessions to familiarize your staff with our brand, menu offerings, and exceptional customer service standards. Emphasize the importance of embodying the local spirit to enhance the overall dining experience.

Seamless Event Execution: Detailed planning is the secret ingredient to a successful grand opening. From coordinating the schedule of activities to managing catering arrangements, a well-organized event ensures a positive impression on attendees and sets the stage for ongoing success.

Join Us in the Celebration of Success

Launching a new restaurant is an exciting endeavor, and with Joey’s Franchise Group, you’re not just opening a restaurant – you’re joining a family dedicated to excellence, community, and exceptional dining experiences.

As you embark on this journey, keep in mind that your success is our success. We look forward to celebrating the flourishing Cloverdale location and the continued growth of the Joey’s Franchise Group family.

Ready to turn your dream of owning a restaurant into reality? Contact us today to explore the possibilities and become part of the Streats success story!