One-Time Customers VS. Lifetime Customers: How to Improve Profits

In the dynamic landscape of business, distinguishing between a one-time customer and a lifetime customer is paramount for sustained success. While securing immediate sales is undoubtedly crucial, the true foundation of a thriving business lies in cultivating lasting relationships that extend beyond a single transaction.

The One-Time Customer Conundrum

One-time customers contribute to a business’s immediate revenue, but the challenge arises when the focus is solely on acquiring new customers without considering their long-term value. The cost associated with constantly seeking out new patrons can be exorbitant, encompassing marketing efforts, advertising, and promotions to attract fresh faces.

Building Bridges: The Lifetime Customer Advantage

On the flip side, a lifetime customer represents a continuous revenue stream and serves as a testament to the success of relationship-building efforts. These customers not only make repeat purchases but also become brand advocates, recommending your business to others. This organic promotion can significantly reduce the need for extensive and expensive marketing campaigns aimed at acquiring new customers.

Nurturing Customer Loyalty

To transform one-time customers into lifelong advocates, businesses must prioritize customer satisfaction and engagement. Providing exceptional products or services, personalized experiences, and reliable customer support are integral components of this process. Loyalty programs, exclusive offers, and regular communication can further solidify the bond between the customer and the brand.

The Economics of Retention vs. Acquisition

It’s not just about the initial sale; it’s about the lifetime value of a customer. Calculating the lifetime value helps businesses make informed decisions about allocating resources. Investing in customer retention strategies often proves more cost-effective than continually chasing new leads. By focusing on the long-term relationship, businesses can create a stable revenue stream that withstands market fluctuations.

Strategies for Customer Retention

  1. Personalization: Tailor your offerings to individual customer preferences.
  2. Communication: Keep customers informed about new products, promotions, and company updates.
  3. Exceptional Service: Provide outstanding customer service to build trust and loyalty.
  4. Loyalty Programs: Reward repeat business with exclusive discounts or perks.
  5. Feedback Loop: Encourage customer feedback and use it to enhance products or services.


In essence, the difference between a one-time customer and a lifetime customer is the difference between short-term gains and sustainable success. While acquiring new customers is essential, nurturing existing relationships is equally—if not more—crucial for the longevity of a business. By investing in customer satisfaction, businesses can not only reduce acquisition costs but also create a loyal customer base that propels sustained growth in the ever-evolving marketplace.

How to Have the BEST Google Reviews in Your City

In the digital age, where information is at our fingertips, online reviews play a pivotal role in shaping consumers’ choices, especially in the competitive landscape of the restaurant industry. One of the key platforms influencing these decisions is Google Reviews. In this article, we’ll explore the significance of your Google review score and delve into strategies to turn negative feedback into positive outcomes.

Embracing Negativity as an Opportunity

Encountering a negative review can be disheartening, but savvy restaurateurs see it as a chance to showcase stellar customer service. Responding promptly and professionally not only appeases the dissatisfied customer but also leaves a positive impression on potential patrons scrolling through your reviews. Each negative review is an opportunity to turn a critic into a loyal supporter.

Public Responses: A Window into Your Business

It’s crucial to recognize that all Google reviews and your responses are public. Future customers often gauge the professionalism and customer-centric approach of a restaurant by reading these interactions. Craft your responses thoughtfully, keeping in mind the potential impact on your brand’s image.

Politeness is Key: Examples of Effective Responses

When addressing negative reviews, maintaining a polite tone is essential. Consider phrases like:

“We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience.”

“Our team is committed to providing the best experience, and we’re sorry we fell short.”

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention; we’ll use your feedback to improve.”

Providing a Direct Line of Communication

To further demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction, leave a manager’s email address in your response. Encouraging the reviewer to reach out privately allows for a more personalized resolution and showcases your dedication to resolving issues.

Prevention is Better than Damage Control

Resolving negative experiences promptly is not just about one customer; it’s about preventing a potential snowball effect on social media. Unsatisfied customers are more likely to share their experiences on various platforms. Proactive resolution can mitigate the impact and help in controlling the narrative.

Bonus Tip: SEO-Infused Reviews for Competitive Ranking

Boost the visibility of your Google My Business page by strategically incorporating relevant keywords into your responses. This not only enhances your online presence but also positions your restaurant more competitively in local searches.



In conclusion, your Google review score is more than just a metric; it’s a reflection of your commitment to customer satisfaction. Embrace negative feedback as an opportunity to shine, and remember, every response is a chance to make a lasting impression on potential customers.

By prioritizing excellent customer service and leveraging the power of SEO, your restaurant can not only weather negative reviews but emerge stronger and more appealing in the eyes of discerning diners.

Restaurant Trends: How Streats Adapts to a Changing Market


In the dynamic world of fast food, preferences are evolving faster than ever. Customers are no longer satisfied with the ordinary; instead, they seek an adventurous dining experience that goes beyond the traditional. At Joey’s Franchise Group, we understand the pulse of changing fast food trends, and our innovative concept, ‘Streats,’ is perfectly attuned to cater to the modern foodie’s desires.


The Adventurous Palate

In an era where culinary exploration is celebrated, people crave more than just a meal—they seek an adventure on their plate. ‘Streats’ acknowledges this shift in consumer preferences and offers a diverse range of street food from around the world. Each dish tells a story, providing customers with a unique and memorable dining experience. At Streats we create the perfect environment to harbor a creative experience.


A Feast of Sharing

The traditional dining experience is transforming into a social event. People no longer want to order a single dish; they want to share a variety of flavors with friends. ‘Streats’ embraces this communal spirit, allowing patrons to indulge in a vast selection of items. Our menu is curated to encourage sharing, making the dining experience not just a meal but a shared journey of culinary exploration.


Flexibility is Key

With preferences constantly changing, flexibility is crucial for any restaurant looking to stay ahead. ‘Streats’ understands the importance of adapting to evolving trends. Our menu is designed to be flexible, allowing us to incorporate the latest food trends seamlessly. From trendy twists on classic dishes to introducing entirely new and exciting options, we stay ahead of the curve.


Streats: Where Global Meets Local

Our unique restaurant concept is not just about offering a wide range of dishes; it’s about bringing the world to your plate. ‘Streats’ sources inspiration from street food globally, ensuring that our menu reflects the rich tapestry of flavors from different cultures. This global infusion, coupled with our innovative twists, keeps the dining experience fresh and exciting.


Beyond the Plate: The Entire Dining Experience

Today’s consumers are looking for more than just good food—they want an entire dining experience. ‘Streats’ recognizes this desire and goes beyond culinary excellence. Our ambiance, service, and attention to detail create an eventful atmosphere, turning a visit to our restaurant into a memorable occasion.




In a world where fast food trends are constantly evolving, ‘Streats’ stands out as a beacon of innovation and adaptability. We don’t just follow trends; we set them. Join us on a culinary journey that goes beyond the ordinary, where every meal is an adventure, and every visit is an event. At Joey’s Franchise Group, we’re not just changing with the times; we’re defining them.

How We Can Help You Start a Successful Restaurant: The Franchise Way

Are you dreaming of running your own restaurant but unsure where to start? The world of restaurant franchising might just be your recipe for success. When you partner with a franchisor in the restaurant industry, you gain access to a proven system that can make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. In this article, we’ll explore the typical ways a franchisor can help you launch and run a successful restaurant.


1. Established Brand and Reputation


One of the key benefits of joining a restaurant franchise is that you get to leverage an established brand and reputation. Successful franchisors have already done the hard work of building a brand that customers recognize and trust. This brand recognition can significantly reduce the time and effort needed to attract customers to your restaurant.


2. Site Selection and Real Estate Assistance


Selecting the right location for your restaurant is crucial. Franchisors often provide assistance in identifying prime locations and negotiating leases. They have the experience and data to pinpoint areas with high foot traffic and potential for success, giving you a competitive advantage from the start.


3. Comprehensive Training and Support


Restaurant franchisors offer extensive training programs that cover all aspects of running a restaurant, from food preparation and service to marketing and accounting. You’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate your restaurant efficiently. Ongoing support is also typically provided, ensuring you have access to resources, advice, and guidance as your business grows.


4. Supply Chain and Purchasing Power


Franchisees benefit from the bulk purchasing power of the franchisor. This means you can access high-quality ingredients and supplies at a lower cost than if you were operating independently. Plus, you’ll have a reliable supply chain that ensures your restaurant stays well-stocked and efficient.


5. Marketing and Advertising Support


Marketing is a critical component of restaurant success. Franchisors often have dedicated marketing teams and established marketing campaigns to help drive customers to your restaurant. They may provide you with advertising materials, social media strategies, and guidance on local marketing efforts to help you build a strong customer base.


6. Streamlined Operations


Franchisors have already fine-tuned the restaurant operations to maximize efficiency and profitability. They provide standardized systems, processes, and technology solutions to streamline day-to-day activities. This means you can focus on delivering great food and service without getting bogged down in administrative tasks.


7. Group Purchasing and Negotiation Power


The combined strength of a restaurant franchise network means better bargaining power with suppliers and lower costs for various services. This can result in higher profitability for your restaurant and a competitive edge in the market.


8. Community and Networking


Becoming part of a restaurant franchise community can be invaluable. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow franchisees, share experiences, and learn from one another. These relationships can be a source of support, advice, and motivation on your journey to success.




Starting a restaurant can be a challenging endeavor, but partnering with a franchisor in the restaurant industry can significantly increase your chances of success. You’ll benefit from an established brand, a proven system, ongoing support, and a network of fellow franchisees. If you’re passionate about food and hospitality, this path to entrepreneurship might just be the perfect recipe for your success in the restaurant business.


Ready to embark on your restaurant franchise journey? Reach out to experienced franchisors and discover how they can help you turn your dream of owning a successful restaurant into a reality.

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Streat Cred Scholarship Moves to Finals!

In the world of business, success isn’t just about profitability; it’s also about the impact you create in the community. At Streats Kitchen, we take immense pride in our commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of young Canadians. Our Streat Cred Program is a testament to this commitment, as we celebrate the journey of investing in the future while leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of young people across the country.

The Streat Cred Program’s $5,000 Scholarship

Our Streats Cred Program’s centerpiece is a $5,000 scholarship offered to a lucky student in Canada. This scholarship isn’t just a financial award; it’s an investment in a brighter future, a token of our belief in the power of education, and a gesture of appreciation for our valued customers and community.

Students Sharing Their Dreams

In the spirit of celerating young talent, we invited students from all corners of Canada to apply for this life-changing scholarship. What we received in response was nothing short of remarkable. Talented, ambitious, and enthusiastic students sent in their video applications, sharing their dreams and aspirations.

The heartwarming part of our Streat Cred Program is that it goes beyond financial assistance. Once the videos were submitted, we encouraged people across the nation to vote for the applicant they believe deserves the scholarship the most. The power of choice was given to the community, and the response was overwhelming.

Top 20 Contestants Emerge

The quality and creativity of the video applications made the selection process a challenging but gratifying journey. After careful consideration, we selected the top 20 contestants, each with a unique and compelling story.

The Race to the Top 5

Now, the excitement is reaching its peak as we move into the final phase. People from all walks of life are actively participating, casting their votes to determine the top 5 contestants. The competition is fierce, the energy is contagious, and the support from our community is heartwarming.

At the end of the month, one lucky student from the top 5 contestants will be chosen randomly as the recipient of our $5,000 scholarship. This element of chance ensures that every student has a fair shot at their dreams, just like in real life, where the future is often unpredictable.

A Wave of Enthusiasm Across Canada

What started as a scholarship program has blossomed into something much more significant. Our Streat Cred Program has captured the hearts and minds of young people all across Canada. It has transcended the walls of our restaurant and made a strong impression on the future leaders of the nation.

As the word has spread, our website has seen a remarkable surge in visitors. The Streat Cred Program has not only created a positive impact but also brought an audience eager to learn more about the brand and our mission to invest in the future.

Influencers Fueling the Momentum

To our delight, influential voices have joined the chorus of support. Influencers have shared their video entries, rallying their followers to vote for them. This viral competition has not only garnered attention but also showcased the power of unity in uplifting young talent.

Streats: A Brand That Connects with Young Innovators

Streats Kitchen isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an exciting young brand that resonates with young people. Our commitment to innovation, community, and investing in the future is part of our DNA. The Streat Cred Program exemplifies this commitment and strengthens our ties with the dynamic youth of Canada.

In conclusion, Streats Kitchen’s Streat Cred Program is more than just a scholarship; it’s a celebration of potential, a demonstration of the power of choice, and a testament to the impact a business can make. We’re not just serving food; we’re investing in the future. Join us on this incredible journey, as we look forward to unveiling the recipient of our $5,000 scholarship and continuing to celebrate the dreams of young Canadians.

At Streat Kitchen, we believe in the power of innovation, community, and investment in the future, and we invite you to be a part of this exciting adventure.


Former CFL player Klassen offering scholarship for post-secondary students

Michael Klassen is giving back in a rather unique way.

The former CFL player has launched an unconventional scholarship contest through his company, strEATS, a Calgary-based restaurant chain. The promotion, dubbed, “strEAT Cred,” is offering entrants a chance to win a $5,000 prize.

The event is open to those students pursuing a postsecondary education in Canada – excluding Quebec as strEATs doesn’t yet have restaurants in the province. Entrants provide video submissions regarding why they feel they should receive the top prize. The more creative the message, the better.

“We pride ourselves on serving a younger demographic,” Klassen said. “We’re after students, we’re after the young millennials, that’s who we want in our stores.

“That’s kind of the vibe and atmosphere we’ve created in the various strEATS locations. We wanted to do this to give back while at the same time doing something fun with it.”

The contest is in its second phase with the number of eligible submissions having been reduced to 20. The top-15 were based upon votes, with the final five being random selections.

Voting on the remaining 20 will be conducted until Oct. 31 on the strEATS website ( The winning submission will be announced Nov. 1.

The contest isn’t limited to students pursuing a career in the food industry.

“No, they don’t have to be going to culinary school or anything like that,” Klassen said. “We’ve opened it right up.

“It [school] all costs money so how can we be of help? The program puts us on the radar a bit more and also we can help people out.”

Klassen said the scholarship was something strEATS had worked on for over a year. Initially, the thought was to launch it last spring before the decision was made to do so when students were heading back to school.

Klassen, a Calgary native, played seven CFL seasons as a defensive lineman with Montreal (2013-2016), the Stampeders (2017) and Ottawa (2018-2019) after being selected in the fourth round, No. 32 overall, in the 2013 draft.

The 6-foot-5, 275-pound Klassen registered 108 tackles, 14 sacks and two forced fumbles in 87 career CFL games. Upon retirement, the former Calgary Dinos player moved back to Alberta.

Klassen, 32, began working with strEATS in 2017 and opened his own location in April 2020 after the COVID-19 pandemic had hit Canada. To date, strEATS has establishments in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and Ontario that specialize in street-style food like tacos, rice bowls, fish and chips and poutine.

Klassen said life after football hasn’t been nearly as taxing physically, but has been every bit as busy with its own levels of stress and anxiety.

“Football was very busy, obviously,” he said. “You’re go, go, go for six months and work every day but then you kind of get a bit of a break in winter and spring where your most pressing things are getting to the gym and maybe an appointment every week with your chiropractor.

“Now, it’s busy all day, every day but it’s a different kind of grind. You’re not necessarily getting beat up on a daily basis, but I’d say there’s just as much stress, a bit more anxiety as well with projects coming up.

“But it’s nothing compared to what I went through preparing for a game. I mean, I’d barely talk before a game because I’d get so nervous and some nights I’d have trouble sleeping, all of those fun things.”

Klassen’s home life has changed, too, as he and his wife have two young boys, aged two and two months.

“It (parenthood) can cause you added stress and anxiousness,” Klassen said. “But at the same time you have this beautiful being you created who’s amazing and nothing but fun.”

Klassen envisions a new and improved version of the strEAT Cred program being launched in 2024.

“It’s all about tweaking,” he said. “Marketing is one giant science experiment, you never quite know.

“You can think something is going to work amazingly and just like the strEAT Cred scholarship, I think there’s a lot of things we can fine-tune for next year when we launch it again.”

Joey's Seafood Rebrands into Joey's Fish Shack in Red Deer

Embracing the Future of Seafood Dining

Are you ready for a fresh catch in Red Deer, Alberta? We’re thrilled to announce that we’re making waves with a significant transformation – Joey’s Seafood is evolving into Joey’s Fish Shack! This exciting rebrand marks a pivotal moment in our culinary journey as we bring a younger, more vibrant, and exciting dining experience to our beloved community.

From Seafood to Fish Shack: The Evolution


At Joey’s, we’ve always been committed to serving the freshest seafood and creating memorable dining experiences. However, as times change and culinary preferences evolve, we believe that embracing change is essential to stay at the forefront of the dining industry. That’s why we’re transitioning from Joey’s Seafood to Joey’s Fish Shack.


Joey’s Fish Shack brings a youthful, vibrant atmosphere to our dining establishment. We want our customers to experience seafood dining like never before. From the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll be immersed in a vibrant ambiance that’s perfect for a night out with friends, a family dinner, or a fun date night.


Embracing New Opportunities: Red Deer, Get Talking About Joey’s Again


Rebranding comes with its own set of challenges and a lot of hard work, but we see it as an opportunity to grow. The change to Joey’s Fish Shack is our way of responding to your evolving tastes and the changing dining landscape. It’s an exciting transformation that will allow us to serve you better and provide an elevated seafood dining experience.


From a marketing perspectyive our name change gives us a reason to celebrate and promote. We’re confident that the Red Deer community will embrace Joey’s Fish Shack, and we can’t wait for you to experience all the incredible changes we’re bringing to the table. This is not just a rebrand; it’s a revival of the love for seafood dining in our community.


The Menu You Love, With a Dash of Freshness


While we’re unveiling a dashing new look and a more vibrant atmosphere, we want you to know that our commitment to serving the same mouthwatering seafood dishes you love remains unchanged. We’re still your go-to place for the freshest fish and the most delightful seafood options in town.


In conclusion, our transition from Joey’s Seafood to Joey’s Fish Shack is a pivotal moment for us and for the Red Deer community. We’re embracing a new identity to better serve your evolving tastes and create unforgettable dining experiences. The rebrand is not just about change; it’s about growth, vibrancy, and a fresh start for seafood dining in Red Deer. Join us in this exciting journey as we redefine the seafood dining experience, all while keeping the beloved menu items you know and love.



Come to Our (re)Opening!

Come, dive into the future of seafood dining, and experience Joey’s Fish Shack for yourself. Stay tuned for updates, events, and special promotions as we embark on this exciting journey together.

Remember, for the latest news and updates, make sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter. Joey’s Fish Shack is here, and we can’t wait to serve you!

The Booming Growth of Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) in the Modern Age

QSR Case Study: strEATS Kitchens

In today’s fast-paced world, Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) have become an indispensable part of our lives. These eateries, characterized by their speedy service and affordable menu options, have experienced remarkable industry growth over the years. This article delves into the key factors driving the surge in QSR popularity and showcases the success story of strEATS, a brand that exemplifies the thriving business model.

The Evolution of Quick Service Restaurants

Quick Service Restaurants, commonly known as fast-food joints, have come a long way since their inception. What started as small burger stands and drive-thru diners in the early 20th century has now evolved into a multi-billion-dollar global industry. The reasons behind this impressive growth are manifold, and one shining example is strEATS.


strEATS: A Case Study in QSR Success

strEATS, a trailblazing QSR brand, has proven that innovation and customer-centricity can lead to incredible success in the industry. Established just a few years ago, strEATS has quickly become a household name in the world of Quick Service Restaurants.

At the heart of strEATS’ success is its innovative business model. Instead of following the conventional brick-and-mortar approach, strEATS focused on a mobile and agile concept. Strategically positioned in high-traffic areas, strEATS tapped into the burgeoning demand for gourmet street food. strEATS is a place where people can sit down for a beer or grab everything they need and be out the door within a few minutes. This duality of service and atmosphere makes for a unique experience that customers love


Technology Integration

To enhance customer convenience, strEATS fully embraced technology. Their user-friendly mobile app allowed customers to track the location of food trucks in real-time, place orders in advance, and customize their meals. This seamless integration of technology not only streamlined the ordering process but also helped build customer loyalty.


Rapid Expansion

strEATS’ initial success led to rapid expansion. They strategically rolled out restaurants in high-demand areas and collaborated with event organizers, influencers, and local clubs further increasing their visibility and customer reach. Since They’re first store opened in 2020, they already have over 20 locations across the country.


Technology Integration

To enhance customer convenience, strEATS fully embraced technology. Their user-friendly mobile app allows customers to place orders in advance and customize their meals. This seamless integration of technology not only streamlined the ordering process but also helped build customer loyalty. With a mix of online orders through their website, app, and third-party delivery services, a proper QSR is empowered to reach a much larger audience than they could ever have dining in house.


The Future of strEATS and QSRs

As the success story of strEATS exemplifies, Quick Service Restaurants have a promising future filled with opportunities for innovative brands. The success of strEATS can be attributed to its unique business model, commitment to local flavors, technology integration, sustainability efforts, and rapid expansion.


The future of strEATS looks equally bright, with plans for nationwide expansion and continued innovation in the pipeline. As the Quick Service Restaurant industry evolves and adapts to changing consumer preferences, strEATS serves as an inspiring example of what can be achieved through creativity, dedication, and a keen understanding of the market.


In conclusion, strEATS has demonstrated that the QSR industry is not only thriving but also open to innovative ideas and business models. As long as QSRs continue to embrace trends, prioritize customer satisfaction, and remain agile in responding to consumer demands, the industry will continue its impressive growth trajectory. The strEATS success story is proof that the future of Quick Service Restaurants is filled with exciting possibilities.

strEAT Cred Scholarship: Nurturing the Future of Restaurant Franchising


In the ever-evolving world of restaurant franchising, staying ahead of the curve requires not only culinary innovation but also a commitment to nurturing young talent. At strEATS, we understand the importance of investing in the future of the industry, and that’s why we proudly present the “strEAT Cred” scholarship. In this article, we will explore how this scholarship is making waves in the B2B world of restaurant franchising, drawing in enthusiastic students from all corners and helping us forge a unique brand identity.


The strEAT Cred Scholarship – A Platform for Aspiring Minds

The strEAT Cred scholarship is more than just financial support; it’s a platform for students to showcase their passion. By encouraging them to create fun, engaging videos explaining why they deserve the $5000 scholarship, we not only identify young talent but also generate content that resonates with our audience.

The submissions we’ve received for the scholarship vary widely in tone and style. Some are humorous, some tug at the heartstrings, while others present logical and compelling arguments. This diversity mirrors the multifaceted nature of the restaurant franchising world. Our scholarship isn’t just about academic excellence; it’s about recognizing creativity and adaptability.


The Power of social media

In the digital age, social media is where conversations happen. Students are not just sending in their scholarship videos; they’re sharing them with their friends and peers on social platforms. This viral effect extends our reach far beyond what traditional marketing strategies can achieve. We are becoming a part of the daily discussions of young people interested in the restaurant industry.


Building Personal Connections

In our commitment to being more than just a brand, we’ve taken our scholarship program to the campuses. By interviewing students in person, we’re building personal connections and solidifying our presence in the hearts of young individuals. This approach fosters trust and helps us be the brand we aspire to be.

All these efforts converge to position strEATS as the heart of young aspirations in the restaurant franchising arena. We are not just a franchise; we are a platform that nurtures dreams and celebrates the vibrant, dynamic spirit of the industry. Our “strEAT Cred” scholarship is just one way we are achieving this.



The “strEAT Cred” scholarship program has transcended its financial purpose to become a beacon for young talent and a testament to our commitment to the restaurant franchising industry. Through diverse student submissions, social media engagement, on-campus interactions, and our overarching brand vision, we are not just franchising restaurants; we are nurturing the future of the culinary world. Join us in this exciting journey, and let’s create a tastier, brighter tomorrow together.

Connecting to Students with a Unique Scholarship

Connecting with the Next Generation

At strEATS, we understand the pulse of the younger generation. We recognize that traditional scholarship programs might not capture the vibrant spirit and enthusiasm that define today’s students. With strEAT Cred, our aim is to bridge that gap and create a scholarship that resonates deeply with this dynamic demographic. We’ve crafted an experience that’s relatable, exciting, and aligned with the values and aspirations of the youth. By offering a scholarship that celebrates individuality, creativity, and the joy of living life to the fullest, we’re not just giving away funds – we’re creating a lasting connection with the generation that’s shaping the future.

Our $5000 Scholarship!

The Fun Scholarship for Every Student

At strEATS, we’re all about breaking the mold, and that’s why we’re offering a scholarship that defies convention. This isn’t your typical academic scholarship that relies solely on grades or test scores. strEAT Cred is designed to be inclusive, engaging, and, most importantly, fun. We believe that everyone deserves a shot at winning, and that’s why we’re putting the spotlight on students who embrace life with passion and enthusiasm.


The Application Process

Getting involved in strEAT Cred is as exciting as it sounds. To apply for the scholarship, students are invited to submit a creative video answering a selection of prompts that showcase their personality, passions, and what makes them stand out. This isn’t about delivering a rehearsed speech; it’s about being authentic, expressive, and having a blast while doing it.


Nominate a Star: Beyond Students

But wait, there’s more! We recognize that the college experience extends beyond the confines of classrooms. If you’re not a student yourself, you can still get in on the action. strEAT Cred allows individuals to nominate a student they believe truly deserves the scholarship. It’s a chance to uplift others and be a part of something bigger – a true embodiment of the spirit of community that defines college life.


The Power of Public Vote

What sets strEAT Cred apart is our commitment to fairness and inclusivity. The winner of the scholarship isn’t determined by a closed-door panel; it’s left up to the public vote. This encourages participants to rally their friends, family, and peers to support their journey. The power of social sharing takes center stage, turning the scholarship into a viral sensation that engages students across the board.


Embracing the College Experience

strEAT Cred isn’t just about handing over a scholarship; it’s about tapping into the heart of the college experience. We’re here to celebrate those nights you said you would study and instead turned into all-night adventures, the friendships formed over shared meals, and the unforgettable moments that shape who we become. Our program captures the essence of those years when the world was our oyster, and every day was a new adventure waiting to unfold.


Positioning strEATS as the Vibrant Brand We Are

At strEATS, we’ve always been the brand that resonates with students’ hearts. We’re not just about food; we’re about creating memories that last a lifetime. strEAT Cred solidifies our position as the ultimate fun brand that understands the importance of balance between academics and making memories. By embracing the college experience wholeheartedly, we show that life’s best moments are often shared with friends and a delicious meal.



With strEAT Cred, we’re not just offering a scholarship; we’re offering a chance to embrace life to the fullest. It’s a reminder that the college experience is about more than just classrooms and textbooks – it’s about the people you meet, the stories you share, and the adventures that shape your journey. Join us in celebrating the college spirit, one video at a time. It’s time to show the world that at strEATS, we’re not just a franchise; we’re a family, and we’re here to make memories that last a lifetime.