As Canadian holidays roll around, there are unique opportunities for restaurants to maximize their sales with thoughtful promotions. Leveraging these festive days can significantly increase your takeout orders. Below are seven expert-recommended holiday promotions that can help elevate your restaurant’s performance based on successful case studies.


Need Some Ideas?


  1. New Year’s Day Hangover Specials

Many Canadian restaurants choose to close on New Year’s Day, missing out on a key sales opportunity. Offering hangover specials, like a comforting bowl of poutine or a hearty brunch menu, can attract a large crowd recovering from New Year’s Eve celebrations. This is especially effective as New Year’s Day is one of the busiest days for takeout.

  1. Family Day: Bringing Comfort Home

Family Day is a time when many Canadians focus on spending time with loved ones. Restaurants can capitalize on this by offering family-sized meal deals or “Family Comfort Bundles” that make dining in with family an easy and appealing option.

  1. Good Friday Fish Specials

With many Canadians avoiding meat on Good Friday, offering special fish-based menus can attract a niche market. Promotions could include discounts on fish and chips, seafood pasta, or special platter deals, catering to families and groups looking for suitable dining options.

  1. Easter Monday: Sweet Treat Promotions

Although Easter Sunday is traditionally observed, extending special offers to Easter Monday can help capture the prolonged holiday spirit. Offering a free dessert, like a maple-glazed carrot cake, with orders can sweeten the deal for families continuing their celebrations.

  1. Victoria Day: Kick Off Summer with a Bang

Victoria Day marks the unofficial start of summer for many Canadians. Restaurants can launch summer menus or offer barbecue specials to align with outdoor celebrations and fireworks, providing perfect takeout options for picnics and gatherings.

  1. Thanksgiving: Celebrate Harvest with Specials

Thanksgiving is a crucial time for Canadian restaurants. Offering traditional dishes like turkey dinner takeout packages, or pumpkin pie as a free dessert with orders, can appeal to those who prefer to enjoy the holiday at home without the hassle of cooking.

  1. Boxing Day: Maximize Post-Christmas Sales

While Christmas Day is often quiet for Canadian restaurants, Boxing Day presents a massive opportunity with shoppers out in force. Offering specials like a free coffee or dessert can draw in shoppers looking to relax after a busy day of deal hunting.

Embracing Creativity in Your Promotions

While the holiday promotions outlined above provide a robust framework based on proven successes, the essence of outstanding marketing lies in creativity and innovation. Each restaurant has its unique vibe, menu, and relationship with its customers. Harnessing these unique attributes can lead to the development of distinctive, memorable promotions that resonate deeply with your clientele. We encourage you to think outside the box—perhaps by incorporating local ingredients, aligning with local events, or creating themed promotions that tell a story. Testing new ideas can not only differentiate your restaurant from competitors but also spark joy and excitement that keep customers coming back. By staying creative and responsive to customer preferences and seasonal trends, your restaurant can continually renew its appeal and maintain a dynamic presence in the community.


Strategically planning promotions around these key Canadian holidays can not only boost your restaurant’s takeout sales but also strengthen customer relationships by aligning with their celebratory and dining preferences. Each holiday offers a unique opportunity to cater to seasonal demands and traditions, enhancing both revenue and customer engagement.

By adapting your promotional strategies to the cultural and seasonal nuances of Canadian holidays, your restaurant can achieve significant gains in both immediate profits and long-term loyalty. Whether it’s a comforting meal for a cold holiday or a celebratory treat for a national festivity, the right promotion can position your restaurant as the top choice for holiday dining.