Connecting with the Next Generation

At strEATS, we understand the pulse of the younger generation. We recognize that traditional scholarship programs might not capture the vibrant spirit and enthusiasm that define today’s students. With strEAT Cred, our aim is to bridge that gap and create a scholarship that resonates deeply with this dynamic demographic. We’ve crafted an experience that’s relatable, exciting, and aligned with the values and aspirations of the youth. By offering a scholarship that celebrates individuality, creativity, and the joy of living life to the fullest, we’re not just giving away funds – we’re creating a lasting connection with the generation that’s shaping the future.

Our $5000 Scholarship!

The Fun Scholarship for Every Student

At strEATS, we’re all about breaking the mold, and that’s why we’re offering a scholarship that defies convention. This isn’t your typical academic scholarship that relies solely on grades or test scores. strEAT Cred is designed to be inclusive, engaging, and, most importantly, fun. We believe that everyone deserves a shot at winning, and that’s why we’re putting the spotlight on students who embrace life with passion and enthusiasm.


The Application Process

Getting involved in strEAT Cred is as exciting as it sounds. To apply for the scholarship, students are invited to submit a creative video answering a selection of prompts that showcase their personality, passions, and what makes them stand out. This isn’t about delivering a rehearsed speech; it’s about being authentic, expressive, and having a blast while doing it.


Nominate a Star: Beyond Students

But wait, there’s more! We recognize that the college experience extends beyond the confines of classrooms. If you’re not a student yourself, you can still get in on the action. strEAT Cred allows individuals to nominate a student they believe truly deserves the scholarship. It’s a chance to uplift others and be a part of something bigger – a true embodiment of the spirit of community that defines college life.


The Power of Public Vote

What sets strEAT Cred apart is our commitment to fairness and inclusivity. The winner of the scholarship isn’t determined by a closed-door panel; it’s left up to the public vote. This encourages participants to rally their friends, family, and peers to support their journey. The power of social sharing takes center stage, turning the scholarship into a viral sensation that engages students across the board.


Embracing the College Experience

strEAT Cred isn’t just about handing over a scholarship; it’s about tapping into the heart of the college experience. We’re here to celebrate those nights you said you would study and instead turned into all-night adventures, the friendships formed over shared meals, and the unforgettable moments that shape who we become. Our program captures the essence of those years when the world was our oyster, and every day was a new adventure waiting to unfold.


Positioning strEATS as the Vibrant Brand We Are

At strEATS, we’ve always been the brand that resonates with students’ hearts. We’re not just about food; we’re about creating memories that last a lifetime. strEAT Cred solidifies our position as the ultimate fun brand that understands the importance of balance between academics and making memories. By embracing the college experience wholeheartedly, we show that life’s best moments are often shared with friends and a delicious meal.



With strEAT Cred, we’re not just offering a scholarship; we’re offering a chance to embrace life to the fullest. It’s a reminder that the college experience is about more than just classrooms and textbooks – it’s about the people you meet, the stories you share, and the adventures that shape your journey. Join us in celebrating the college spirit, one video at a time. It’s time to show the world that at strEATS, we’re not just a franchise; we’re a family, and we’re here to make memories that last a lifetime.