I preface this blog posting this week by saying that I am going to steal a few tidbits from my mentors and from an item/posting I saw on LinkedIn today.

All too often our attitudes get in the way of our success. There are many, many reasons are attitudes change our mindsets but I believe the number one way that you can adjust your attitude is by surrounding yourself with people with generally positive attitudes. Take a look at this picture, can you think of either of these tycoons that you haven’t always seen in a positive light, with a good attitude?

Success has so much to to do with NOT giving up, to keep on striving for your goals and therefore having a good attitude. After all, how do you overcome your failures if you can’t keep a good attitude on the outcomes.

At Joey’s Franchise Group, we stole a mantra from Simon Sinek that we try to live by and instill Values into our franchise community to keep great attitudes;

  1. Take an unconventional perspective
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Make long term progress
  4. Share………and,
  5. Silver Line it!

The goal is not necessarily to fix thing that are broken but to amplify the things that work!

Siomn Sinek | Values Video