Own Canada's favourite Fish & Chips since 85' with a whole new face.

75% brand sales growth in 2021

*Based on 2020 Profit and Loss statement provided by top-performing locations.

Up to‎‎‏‏‎ ‎21% in profitability*

Up to‏‏‎ ‎8‏‏‎ ‎‎projected locations in 2022*

Sea the difference.

Since 1985, we've grown into Canada's largest seafood restaurant chain, but we've never swayed from our original mission: to serve the best fish & chips, always cut & battered in-house.

With a fresh re-brand and a whole new menu offering, Joey's Fish Shack is set up for the next generation of consumers.

Buddha Bowl

Chicken Sandwich

Joey's Fries

Labour Cost-Efficient - Joey’s Fish Shack requires fewer employees because of our unique operations, menu and facility design meaning more cost savings.

Competitive Fee Structure - Considerably less than many other concepts

Researched Locations - We fill a market niche with little competition and provide developers & landlords an exciting option compared to “ordinary” concepts in the market today. We also handle all negotiations and real estate hunting for you.

Unique Branding, Pricing & Product - Mid-priced, high-quality neighbourhood fast-casual with few competitors nationally.

Proven Track Record - Because we’ve been around for over 35 years, there’s a proven track record and less risk you incur.

We handle the hard part so you can focus on delivering great food to customers.

From the moment you buy a store, we handle real estate selection, lease negotiations, construction as well as project management.


Ongoing training includes:


• Day to Day Operations

• Labour Cost Analysis

• Budgets, Projections

• Scheduling

• Hiring

• Interviews

• Food Sanitation

• Food Ordering

• People Management

• Recipes


and so much more.

Open a Fish Shack for as little as $167,000

on a converted restaurant build. New builds start as low as $275,000
Joey's Fish Shack - Gallery

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