Joey’s Only Franchising has hit it out of the park. Now introducing the franchising of their newest Fast Casual Brand – strEATS Restaurants.

An off-shoot of Joey’s Urban Restaurants, strEATS was developed after a lot of reflection. There we were – Canada’s favourite Fish and Chip Company – and suddenly the food world got smaller. Flavours from all over the planet made their way into our fridges, food shows made stars of everyday people, and street vendors and food trucks became the innovators instead of French Chefs. People love our Fish and Chips but there are so many great flavours out there!

We ate our way across the planet and married our strength with a world of flavours. First, we made the best Fish Taco you’re ever likely to eat and then we heaped some Canadian inspiration on top of our fries and made amazing poutine. But that wasn’t enough!

There are so many wonderful flavours out there that we started putting everything that inspired us into tacos and on top of poutines. Fresh, hand-prepared ingredients; bold, global flavour collisions, and sustainable sources. No speed limits on these strEATS!

Since it was street food that inspired us in the first place, our name strEATS was born.

“Joey’s Urban was confusing to many consumers. Some thought it was a furniture store, others thought it was from another restaurant brand,” said Joey’s Vice President of Marketing Dave Holland. “As much as it drew attention to our offering, it caused too much confusion. We think strEATS is a little more straightforward.”

With a third restaurant now open in Abbotsford, BC and another opening scheduled for Langley by mid-June, strEATS is becoming an extremely popular fast-casual franchise opportunity especially popular among younger restaurateurs. Joey’s Franchise Group has over 30 years of franchise experience guiding and supporting their franchise partners for this millennial themed restaurant.

“We are actively seeking entrepreneurs interested in joining our franchise network for strEATS across Canada. Active markets include Calgary, the Lower Mainland, Edmonton, Ottawa,” added Holland.

Check Out the latest opening in Abbotsford, BC. For menus and additional information, visit