9 years ago, Joey’s Seafood Restaurants declared the 40 days that follow Ash Wednesday as Fish & Chips Season, and ever since, have had a corner on the market across Canada.

“It’s time again for a Joey’s Seafood favourite, their glorious Fish & Chips,” said Joe Klassen, founder and CEO of Joey’s Only Franchising Ltd.  “Delicious cold-water whitefish, lightly battered alongside sacred tasty golden chips. Now is the time to embrace this divine treat.”

The brand has commanded the seafood market during lent, a naturally occurring time of increased fish consumption. Joey’s pits the OgopoJoe – their famous fish sandwich against the seasonal offerings from other non-traditional seafood brands like Wendy’s and McDonalds.

“We know we have the best Fish Sandwich on the market and encourage everyone to sea the difference,” said Dave Holland, VP of Marketing. “When you do the math, there’s just no comparison. You don’t have to sacrifice flavour during lent.”