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Why be a STREATS franchise owner?

Proven Business Model
A turnkey business allows you to use established and verified methods to begin your successful business.

Market Niche
STREATS is a mid-priced, high quality neighbourhood restaurant. Nationally as well as locally, there are very limited competitors.

Fun & Modern Environment
Enjoy the atmosphere that STREATS provides to its customers, employees and franchise owners.

Franchise Cost
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What is STREATS?

There we were – Canada’s favourite Fish and Chip Company – and suddenly the food world got smaller.  Flavours from all over the planet made their way into our fridges, food shows made stars of everyday people, and street vendors and food trucks become the innovators instead of french Chefs.  People love our Fish and Chips but there are so many great flavours out there!

We ate our way across the planet and married our strength with a world of flavours.  First, we made the best Fish Taco you’re ever likely to eat and then we heaped some Canadian inspiration on top of fries and made amazing poutine.  But that wasn’t enough!

There are so many wonderful flavours out there that we started putting everything that inspired us into tacos and on top of poutines.  Fresh, hand-prepared ingredients; bold, global flavour collisions, and sustainable sources.  No speed limits on these STREATS.

Since it was street food that inspired us in the first place, our name STREATS was born.

Call us at 1-800-661-2123 for more information.

Who are we looking for?

At STREATS we are always looking for Franchise Partners who are willing to go the extra mile to succeed. We want people who will strive to learn and grow both professionally and personally for their businesses continued success. We strive to find those individuals who yearn for success and who themselves strive to grow their business. If this sounds like you, get in touch with us now and don’t hesitate to get in on a growing franchise!

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    Joey’s Franchise Group
    3048 9 St SE
    Calgary, AB T2G 3B9
    Toll Free: 1-800-661-2123
    Phone: (403) 243-4584

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