Beyond Oil and Joey's Franchising Complete Successful Testing & Pilot Program in Canada

Beyond Oil Ltd. (CSE:BOIL) ("Beyond Oil" or the "Company") is a food-tech innovation company extending the life of frying oil, reducing costs and waste, is pleased to announce that, following its news release dated March 22, 2022, a testing and pilot program (the "Pilot Program") of Beyond Oil's product by Joey's Franchising Ltd. ("Joey's") has successfully been completed.

"During my thirty-five years in the restaurant and food service industry, we have tried all the products we could find to extend the life of our frying oil, and Beyond Oil's product is the only one that has delivered," said Joe Klassen, CEO of Joey's. "Most restaurants have to change their frying oil every three to seven days, but after completing our Pilot Program in a working restaurant, we can confirm Beyond Oil's formulation can extend the life of frying oil up to 14 days."

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Western Canadian restaurant chain OPENS more stores during the pandemic

With all the hardships experienced by restaurants throughout the pandemic, it’s interesting to see a few new places opening up. strEATS is a Western Canadian chain that takes food truck favorites into a venue. And there are several of them in the Fraser Valley with the newest one just opening in Maple Ridge. Watch as Mike Klassen talks with Gloria Macarenko from CBC Vancouver. Click to watch Gloria Macarenko interview Mike Klassen from strEATS

A little extra effort, makes the difference

As the title says- a little extra effort, makes the difference. This statement first came to me from the Penticton Knights. They were a junior hockey club playing in the old BCJHL that used this as their slogan for a few years. In fact, I still have a sticker on my skates from back in the day (circa 86-87′) with the logo and slogan.

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I was inspired by this quote again this morning from a story on Inspire More of a Sherwood Park woman who left her car after a night of drinking at a local establishment. The manager of the establishment left a note on her car and thanked her for not drinking and driving and gave her a coupon to return. An absolute genius idea that everyone should be doing. Not only does it promote the public safety aspect but it does something far more important for the business. It creates loyalty and in this particular case, a viral social media posting for the company involved. Which all came from a GM with a policy for caring and wee bit of opportunism.

So, what are you doing to create this type of environment in your establishment? What are you teaching you staff? What are you doing for your clientele that make them inherently feel loyal to you? You can use words like value, or service, but neither of those create loyalty. Loyalty is created, by a mutual respect between the client and the provider of the service/product, employer/employee, husband/wife, child/parent. It is about building relationships that are mutually beneficial to both parties. Treating people with respect goes a long way in business and when you actually care about your clientele, it’s that little extra effort that makes the difference.

Here is the link to the original article here.


Values have to be Verbs - Simon Sinek

For those of you who follow me or this blog, you know how much I love Simon Sinek and his insights. In this quick clip he talks about Verbs being used in measurable goals. Keep it simple!

That is how I approach franchising and therefore how we approach franchising at JFG. Values have to be verbs because values are things you do. I like to think that JFG provides value in many ways, not just with our great concepts but with the work we ‘DO’ to support and encourage our franchise partners in their businesses. Notice how I say ‘their businesses’, that’s because even though we call them partners it is only in the ideological sense. Our partners run their own businesses with JFG at their side at every step, adding value to their businesses. We’re just that great!

Enjoy the video!