Why you need a partner...a franchise partner.


The statistics are overwhelming. Couples live longer than
single people. One study reported that the mortality rate for
single men aged between 30 and 59 is two and a half times higher
than those who are married. Though some of the theories point to
quality of life and earning potential, the most compelling reason
is deeper than that. As social animals, we function better and cope
with stress more easily when we’re in a trusting relationship.

After a hard day, for example, there is someone at home to talk to
– to air your thoughts. Whether running errands, keeping the
household going or raising a family, on so many levels, the best
marriages are like a partnership. And in business…the best
partner- ships are like a marriage. We often spend more time with
people at work than we do with our own families, so some of the
same dynamics should exist at work as at home. Many entrepreneurs
say of their companies, “it’s like a family,” it’s only fitting
then that the family should have two parents. We all know the
increased stress and pressure that single-parent households face.

Whether a formal relationship or not, the best business partners
also have strong emotional bonds. This is the person with whom you
can close the door and share doubt and expose your vulnerability.
This is the person with whom you can bounce ideas and figure out
the best way to “raise the kids.” But more than anything, partners
keep each other going. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely

Unlike working in a company, the person at the top doesn’t
have peers. Whether a formal equity partnership, a senior employee
or a right-hand-man or woman, a franchisor-franchisee, every
entrepreneur needs a partner…a business husband or wife. Every
entrepreneur needs someone they trust and who trusts them. And if
for no other reason, having a partner you love working with will
just help you live longer.

Ambition in Franchising

What’s the story behind the franchise?
What drove the concept to become what it is?
Who is at the healm and what is that person like?

Strong, established franchise systems, have great stories behind them. They have leaders who built the system from their passion for the product and the ambition to make their dreams a reality. The key word here, is ambition. That ambition drove the franchise system in its infancy and will still be driving the franchise company today.

“Make no little plans: they have no magic to stir men’s blood.” These words were uttered by Daniel Burnham, the Chicago architect whose vision recreated the city after the great fire of 1871. The result of his ambition is an extraordinary American city that still has the magic to stir men’s blood. Ambition is sometimes seen as a negative these days, but without it we would stagnate. You need a culture that supports big steps and powerful beliefs. You can see these qualities in cities that have transformed themselves. Cities are the most visible examples of successful and failed cultures. Bilbao and Barcelona did so and became the envy of the world and prime tourist destinations. Pittsburgh reinvented itself when the steel industry withered. But Detroit wasn’t able to do the same when the auto industry took a dive.

At Joey’s Franchise Group, our leaders, have that ambition and passion. We have a great story of adversity to dig the trenches and crawl out with success. Our culture is founded on Passion, Urgency and Excellence. Our Founder, Joe Klassen and his partners, literally used their blood, sweat and tears to grow the Joey’s brand into a success. Then use that foundation to create and maintain multiple franchises and supporting companies. We have become a truly vertically integrated company allowing for success of our franchise partners at every level with every concept!
– Joey’s Restaurants,
– Joey’s Urban,
– MVP Modern Barbers,
– Homes & Land Magazine, and,
– many other support companies

Rob Hilditch, VP of Business Development
Joey’s Franchise Group

Franchisee or Franchise Partner?

Joey’s exceeds expectations in our dining rooms and in our Home Office but our Partners are the reason we are here and they are of the utmost importance to us. This is how Joey’s Urban operates, with our Franchise Partners at top of mind.

Joey’s Urban is an innovative twist on Fish & Chips shops of days past. A contemporary urban atmosphere awaits trend setting diners with a menu that invigorates your senses; Flavourful Poutines with Hand Cut fries, Globally Inspired Street Taco’s and our famous hand battered Joey’s Fish.

At Joey’s we believe in building a business through great foundations. Our development team is with our Partners right from the beginning, building the first relationship in our franchise family. Opening a new business is stressful and difficult, so our team works hand in hand on site selection, lease negotiation and construction to help you feel comfortable at every step.

by Rob Hilditch, a.k.a. Joey Franchise

Why people buy franchises? Maybe...

We love Seth Godin....

The answer to, "is that the best you can do..."
is always no.

A better question is, "what resource would enable you to do even better?"

When the cost of the resource (time, people, money, freedom, boundary easing) is worth the benefit, then sure, go for it. If you can't make it better, hire someone who can.

Posted by Seth Godin on January 22, 2014

Franchises and Profit

graph upEvery franchise partner or potential franchise partner inevitably asks "How much money can I make?". Pointed and valid question, but its not always easy for Franchisors to answer.

The truth is; profitability is dependent on your overall ability to manage and control variable costs, the location and traffic patterns, market trends and the effects of the local economy, as well as many other items outside the franchisor’s control.

So what can the franchisor control to help you be as profitable as possible?

- Location Services; location selection, lease negotiations; a good franchisor learns and understands the market. They help negotiate the best rate - best landlord improvement allowance to help you get up and running
- Training; a good training program is integral to your success and your understanding of the business. Franchisors can't teach acumen, but they can teach all aspects of their business from top to bottom. Ensure the franchise you choose has a multi-level training program outlining financial, operational and marketing protocols.
- Furniture and Fixtures; pick a franchisor that negotiates the best price for you! not them! Franchisors make money off of selling you everything you need. That's the business, but choose a franchisor who has a fair mark-up, one that has been diligent in selecting the materials for build-out, equipment package, the contractor, Architectural and Mechanical and Electrical engineers. A good franchisor has developed a system that has all of these relationships in place and utilizes those relationships to their advantage. Ask your franchisor about architectural costs, more often than not, they are not required....
- Branding; this one goes without saying.......but just because you buy a recognized name, doesn't mean you'll be making money. A franchisor's brand is one thing, but as mentioned above, find a franchisor who cares about you and your ability to make and maintain a profit. We've seen plenty of brands rise and fall because they haven't made it about you, but them.
- distribution; or cost of goods sold. inherently, franchises have a product to be sold. Ask yourself where this product comes from, what makes it unique to other suppliers, most of the time, its cost. Your franchisor should have tremendous buying power on these products and pass it along to keep you competitive

Rob Hilditch, VP of Business Development, Joey's Franchise Group
Joey's Restaurants | MVP Modern Barbers | Homes & Land Magazine

Passion in Franchising

"Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.", Simon Sinek.

At Joey's Franchise Group, we take PRIDE in our system.....

P - passion is,
R - required
I - in
D - delivering
E - Excellence

Joey's Franchise Group Partnership Program

Did you know that our Franchise Group owns several Canadian based franchise concepts. Our diversity in franchising builds our network across several vocations and industries. This gives us tremendous acumen on franchise systems and enables us to find the perfect franchise just for you.

We have systems with investment levels as low as $75,000 up to $500,000. Check our systems out individually here;

Www.joeys.ca , two restaurants to choose from. A full service Joey's Restaurant or our fast casual concept, Joey's Urban.

Www.mvpmodernbarbers.com, a hip modern salon for men. No fluffy pillows here!

Www.hlcc.ca, Homes and Land Magazine Canada, a printing, distribution and advertising franchise for Canadian Real Estate

"Our Franchise Partners are the reason for it!",
Call Rob Hilditch, VP of Business Development - Joey's Franchise Group

What to look for in a franchise!

When you're doing your due diligence and research into a franchise company, you should consider the Four C's!

Character - meet the management team, are they of good character? Have you spoken to existing franchise partners?

Consistency - how has the brand longevity been? Are they profitable?

Competency - how many years experience do they have in the brand in their vocation? What's the managements background? Understand the operations background of the business?

Chemistry - ultimately, the franchisor is your partner, you need to work together! Do they give you the warm and cozies? Or, are they someone you will argue with all the way through the process.

"Our Partners area the reason for it!", Rob Hilditch, VP of Business Development, Joeys' Franchise Group.

Leadership in Franchising

The most important part of franchising is instilling trust in your franchise partners. If you have their trust, they will follow you anywhere.

At Joey's Franchise Group, we take pride in calling our franchisee's, partners. We don't exist without them and we stand shoulder to shoulder with them while they learn the Joey's franchise systems.

"Our partners are the reason for IT! ", Rob Hilditch, VP of Business Development, Joey's Franchise Group