Connecting to Students with a Unique Scholarship

Connecting with the Next Generation

At strEATS, we understand the pulse of the younger generation. We recognize that traditional scholarship programs might not capture the vibrant spirit and enthusiasm that define today’s students. With strEAT Cred, our aim is to bridge that gap and create a scholarship that resonates deeply with this dynamic demographic. We’ve crafted an experience that’s relatable, exciting, and aligned with the values and aspirations of the youth. By offering a scholarship that celebrates individuality, creativity, and the joy of living life to the fullest, we’re not just giving away funds – we’re creating a lasting connection with the generation that’s shaping the future.

Our $5000 Scholarship!

The Fun Scholarship for Every Student

At strEATS, we’re all about breaking the mold, and that’s why we’re offering a scholarship that defies convention. This isn’t your typical academic scholarship that relies solely on grades or test scores. strEAT Cred is designed to be inclusive, engaging, and, most importantly, fun. We believe that everyone deserves a shot at winning, and that’s why we’re putting the spotlight on students who embrace life with passion and enthusiasm.


The Application Process

Getting involved in strEAT Cred is as exciting as it sounds. To apply for the scholarship, students are invited to submit a creative video answering a selection of prompts that showcase their personality, passions, and what makes them stand out. This isn’t about delivering a rehearsed speech; it’s about being authentic, expressive, and having a blast while doing it.


Nominate a Star: Beyond Students

But wait, there’s more! We recognize that the college experience extends beyond the confines of classrooms. If you’re not a student yourself, you can still get in on the action. strEAT Cred allows individuals to nominate a student they believe truly deserves the scholarship. It’s a chance to uplift others and be a part of something bigger – a true embodiment of the spirit of community that defines college life.


The Power of Public Vote

What sets strEAT Cred apart is our commitment to fairness and inclusivity. The winner of the scholarship isn’t determined by a closed-door panel; it’s left up to the public vote. This encourages participants to rally their friends, family, and peers to support their journey. The power of social sharing takes center stage, turning the scholarship into a viral sensation that engages students across the board.


Embracing the College Experience

strEAT Cred isn’t just about handing over a scholarship; it’s about tapping into the heart of the college experience. We’re here to celebrate those nights you said you would study and instead turned into all-night adventures, the friendships formed over shared meals, and the unforgettable moments that shape who we become. Our program captures the essence of those years when the world was our oyster, and every day was a new adventure waiting to unfold.


Positioning strEATS as the Vibrant Brand We Are

At strEATS, we’ve always been the brand that resonates with students’ hearts. We’re not just about food; we’re about creating memories that last a lifetime. strEAT Cred solidifies our position as the ultimate fun brand that understands the importance of balance between academics and making memories. By embracing the college experience wholeheartedly, we show that life’s best moments are often shared with friends and a delicious meal.



With strEAT Cred, we’re not just offering a scholarship; we’re offering a chance to embrace life to the fullest. It’s a reminder that the college experience is about more than just classrooms and textbooks – it’s about the people you meet, the stories you share, and the adventures that shape your journey. Join us in celebrating the college spirit, one video at a time. It’s time to show the world that at strEATS, we’re not just a franchise; we’re a family, and we’re here to make memories that last a lifetime.

Joeys fish shack streats

Expanding Horizons: Marlborough Dual Restaurant

Fish + Chips

Two Beloved Brands, One Efficient Kitchen, Coming Soon to Marlborough, Calgary

150 52 St NE #10, Calgary, AB

The culinary scene in Marlborough, Calgary is about to get twice as exciting with the grand opening of a groundbreaking dual-location restaurant on August 28th. Nestled at 150 52 St NE #10, Calgary, AB T2A 1X1, this innovative establishment promises to redefine dining experiences by offering the best of both worlds: strEATS and Joey’s Fish Shack, all under the same roof.


An Array of Flavors and Convenience


The concept of a dual-location restaurant may be novel, but its benefits are boundless. This ingenious approach is poised to deliver an array of advantages that are certain to tantalize the taste buds and delight every diner who walks through the doors.

Culinary Diversity in Every Bite


With strEATS and Joey’s Fish Shack side by side, patrons can now indulge in a wider range of culinary offerings. Craving our famous Fish Sandwich? No problem. Hankering for sizzling fusion tacos? You got it. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood delights or international street food flair, this dual-location setup has you covered, making it the perfect destination for groups with diverse cravings.


Distinct Brand Identity


By seamlessly blending two distinct restaurant concepts, the dual-location format promises an atmosphere that caters to various preferences. Whether you’re a fan of strEATS’ vibrant and bustling street food vibe or you prefer the cozy coastal charm of Joey’s Fish Shack, you can expect a dynamic environment where everyone feels at home. This dual restaurant means that our franchisees have the freedom to serve multiple demographics with often opposite tastes and preferences, without sacrificing any quality or ambiance. While it’s no secret that both brands are operating under the same kitchen, the customer experience is seamless and many patrons wont have any idea both restaurants are under the same ownership.


Efficiency Redefined


From a business perspective, operating two restaurant brands under a single roof provides exceptional efficiency. Shared infrastructure, including kitchens, utilities, and even staff resources, can result in reduced operational costs. This innovative strategy allows for more strategic allocation of resources, which ultimately benefits both the establishment and its patrons.


A Remarkable Journey of Growth


The excitement surrounding this new dual-location venture isn’t just about the culinary offerings; it’s a testament to the rapid growth and success that strEATS and Joey’s Fish Shack have achieved. The decision to expand into Marlborough, Calgary, reflects the undeniable popularity and demand for these beloved brands.


“We’re thrilled to embark on this new chapter of growth,” shares Micheal Klassen, Director of Brand Development at strEATS and Joey’s Fish Shack. “Our aim has always been to provide our patrons with extraordinary dining experiences, and this dual-location setup allows us to do just that while embracing innovation and efficiency.”


The journey that began with a passion for exceptional food has transformed into a remarkable success story, paving the way for future expansion and exciting culinary endeavors.


As August 28th approaches, anticipation mounts, promising the residents of Marlborough and visitors from all around Calgary an unparalleled dining adventure. The combination of strEATS’ global street food inspiration and Joey’s Fish Shack’s coastal charm is set to create memories and flavors that will linger long after the meal is over.


In a world where culinary possibilities are endless, strEATS and Joey’s Fish Shack stand as pioneers, proving that sometimes, the best way to delight food enthusiasts is by offering them not just one, but two exceptional dining experiences under a single, welcoming roof.

Joeys fish shack streats
150 52 St NE #10, Calgary, AB T2A 1X1

Dual concept restaurant

Embracing Dual Concepts with StrEATS and Joey's Fish Shack

Use a Dual Concept to Optomize Your Franchise Investment

In the dynamic world of food service, innovation is the key to success. We are thrilled to announce the successful opening of our new dual concept restaurant, where two distinct brands, StrEATS and Joey’s Fish Shack, have found a harmonious home under one roof. This pioneering approach allows us to cater to separate age demographics, reduce overhead costs, and introduce an exciting rebranding journey for Joey’s Fish Shack.


  1. Lower Overhead, Higher Efficiency:


Combining two brands under the same kitchen significantly reduces overhead costs, a game-changing factor in the highly competitive restaurant industry. By sharing kitchen space and resources, we optimize operational efficiency without compromising on the quality and uniqueness of each brand’s offerings. This synergy enables us to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences for both the younger crowd who love StrEATS and the older patrons who cherish Joey’s Fish Shack.


  1. Tailoring to Different Age Demographics:


Understanding the diverse tastes and preferences of our customers, we carefully curated two distinct brands that cater to separate age demographics. StrEATS, the vibrant and trendy concept, appeals to the younger generation seeking adventurous flavors and exciting presentations. On the other hand, Joey’s Fish Shack, formerly known as Joeys Seafood, celebrates the rich tradition of seafood in a warm and inviting ambiance, attracting the more mature audience seeking classic favorites and a relaxing atmosphere.


  1. Introducing StrEATS:


StrEATS welcomes diners to embark on a journey of global street food delights. From mouthwatering tacos bursting with international flavors to smash burgers that smash expectations, StrEATS promises an adventurous dining experience like no other. The colorful and contemporary dining room complements the eclectic menu, creating a vibrant ambiance that resonates with the younger crowd.

  1. The Rebirth of Joey’s Fish Shack:


Undergoing a successful rebrand from Joeys Seafood to Joey’s Fish Shack was an exciting milestone for us. The transformation allowed us to refine and update the brand’s identity while preserving its reputation for delectable seafood dishes. With an emphasis on fresh, sustainably sourced seafood and a menu that celebrates coastal culinary traditions, Joey’s Fish Shack takes diners on a nostalgic journey by the sea.


  1. Seamless Experience, Unique Offerings:


While both brands operate from the same kitchen, each brand’s dining room exudes a distinct personality and ambiance. We have meticulously designed each space to match the theme and vibe of the respective brand. The separation of dining areas ensures that diners can enjoy a seamless experience tailored to their preferences.




The successful launch of our dual concept restaurant, StrEATS, and Joey’s Fish Shack, is a testament to the power of innovation, adaptability, and customer-centricity. By embracing this novel approach, we have not only reduced overhead costs but also delighted two different age demographics with unique culinary experiences. StrEATS appeals to the adventurous spirit of the younger crowd, while Joey’s Fish Shack continues to serve classic seafood dishes to our beloved mature patrons.


We are excited about the journey ahead and look forward to continuing to delight our guests with the vibrant flavors of StrEATS and the timeless charm of Joey’s Fish Shack. Come, join us on this gastronomic adventure, where the culinary worlds of two distinct brands collide in a harmonious and unforgettable union.

3 Pillars to a Successful Restaurant

What are the 3 Pillars of a successful restaurant?

Running a successful restaurant requires a combination of factors, including food quality, customer service, and the atmosphere of the space. Each of these factors plays a critical role in creating a memorable dining experience that keeps customers coming back. In this blog post, we'll explore these three main factors and why customer service is the most important.

These items are things that we all know intutivley but often forget about in the 'heat of the kitchen'. Buckle down and make sure you have all three of these facors down pact before you do anything else. A slip on one of these three pillars could make the diffrence between a lifetime customer, and a bad review online that only hurts your business.

1. Food Quality

The quality of the food is the foundation of any great restaurant. It's the reason why customers choose to dine out rather than cook at home. A restaurant's food must be fresh, flavorful, and prepared with care. The quality of the ingredients, the cooking techniques, and the presentation of the dishes are all factors that contribute to the overall quality of the food.

A restaurant that serves high-quality food will create a loyal customer base that returns again and again. Positive word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers can also help to attract new diners.

2. Customer Service

Customer service is the most important factor in running a successful restaurant. Customers want to feel welcome and appreciated when they dine out, and the way they are treated can make or break their experience.

A restaurant with excellent customer service will have staff who are friendly, attentive, and responsive to the needs of their customers. They will greet customers with a smile, offer recommendations, and ensure that their dining experience is enjoyable from start to finish.

Good customer service can turn a mediocre meal into a great one and can create a loyal customer base that returns time and time again. On the other hand, poor customer service can ruin even the best meal and lead to negative reviews and a decrease in business.

3. Atmosphere of Space

The atmosphere of a restaurant is also important. It sets the tone for the dining experience and can influence the way customers perceive the food and the level of customer service they receive. A restaurant's atmosphere includes everything from the décor, lighting, and music to the cleanliness and comfort of the space.

Creating the right atmosphere requires attention to detail and a focus on the customer's needs. A restaurant that is too loud or too dark may be off-putting to some customers, while a space that is too bright or too sterile can feel cold and unwelcoming.


In conclusion, running a successful restaurant requires a combination of factors, including food quality, customer service, and the atmosphere of the space. While each of these factors is important, customer service is the most critical. A restaurant with great customer service can overcome mediocre food or a less-than-ideal atmosphere, while a restaurant with poor customer service will struggle to attract and retain customers, no matter how great the food or the atmosphere may be. By focusing on providing excellent customer service, restaurants can create a loyal customer base and build a reputation for excellence in the industry.

The Biggest Costs to Run a Restaurant

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Restaurant?

The restaurant industry can be a highly rewarding business, but it's also known for being notoriously difficult to turn a profit. In order to run a successful restaurant, it's essential to understand the profit margins and expenses associated with the industry. In this blog post, we'll explore the typical profit margins in the restaurant industry, based on industry standards of 30% for food costs, 30% for labor costs, and 20% for other expenses such as rent, utilities, supplies, chemicals, repairs, and maintenance.

Food Costs

Food costs are one of the biggest expenses for restaurants, and typically account for around 30% of a restaurant's total revenue. Food costs include the cost of all the ingredients that go into the dishes served at the restaurant, as well as any other food-related expenses such as packaging and waste disposal. In order to maintain a healthy profit margin, restaurants need to carefully manage their food costs by sourcing quality ingredients at the right price, minimizing waste, and optimizing their menu pricing to ensure that their prices reflect the cost of ingredients.

Labor Costs

Labor costs, which include the cost of all the employees who work at the restaurant, typically account for around 30% of a restaurant's total revenue. This includes both front-of-house employees, such as servers and hosts, and back-of-house employees, such as cooks and dishwashers. In order to manage labor costs effectively, restaurants need to optimize their staffing levels, carefully manage scheduling, and ensure that their employees are well-trained and productive.

Other Expenses

Other expenses, which typically account for around 20% of a restaurant's total revenue, include rent, utilities, supplies, chemicals, repairs, and maintenance. These costs are necessary for maintaining the physical infrastructure of the restaurant and ensuring that it remains in good working order. In order to manage these expenses, restaurants need to carefully track their expenditures and ensure that they are getting the best value for their money.

Profit Margins

Based on the industry standards of 30% for food costs, 30% for labor costs, and 20% for other expenses, a typical restaurant would have a profit margin of around 20%. This means that for every dollar of revenue generated, the restaurant would retain 20 cents as profit. However, it's important to note that profit margins can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the type of cuisine served, the location of the restaurant, and the level of competition in the market.


It's important to note that while industry standards suggest a 20% profit margin, the actual profitability of a restaurant can vary depending on the sales volume. For instance, if sales are low, the labor and other expenses may run higher, which would reduce the profit margin. Conversely, if sales are high, labor costs may decrease as a percentage of revenue, and the other expenses may also decrease since they are fixed costs.

One important fixed cost to keep in mind is rent. Rent is typically a significant fixed expense for a restaurant, and it's important to ensure that it does not exceed 10% of total expenses. By keeping fixed costs such as rent low, restaurants can maximize their profit margins and ensure long-term success.

In conclusion, while ideal profit margins for a restaurant are typically around 20%, the actual profitability of a restaurant can vary widely depending on sales volume and the management of expenses. By carefully managing food costs, labor costs, and other expenses, and keeping fixed costs such as rent low, restaurants can maximize their profit margins and run a successful business.



Buying a Franchise VS Starting a Restaurant

Every Restauranteur Has To Make the Decision

The decision to start a business can be challenging, and one of the key factors to consider is whether to open an independent business or become a franchise owner. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

Independent ownership allows you to have complete control over your business operations and branding. You can make all the decisions, set your own prices, and choose your own suppliers. However, being an independent owner can be costly, as you need to invest more time and money into building your brand and creating a customer base.

On the other hand, becoming a franchise owner means you have access to a proven business model, established branding, and ongoing support from the franchisor. This can help you get started quickly and avoid the risks associated with starting a business from scratch. However, you may have less flexibility in decision-making, and there are typically ongoing fees and restrictions that come with being part of a franchise system.


Starting Your Own Resturant


  • •  Complete control over the restaurant's concept, menu, and branding
  • •  Ability to create a unique dining experience that stands out in the market
  • •  Flexibility to adapt the restaurant as needed to meet changing market trends or customer preferences
  • •  Potential for greater profits and return on investment
  • •  Ability to establish a local presence and become part of the community


  • •  High start-up costs and ongoing expenses, including rent, equipment, and supplies
  • •  No established business model or brand recognition
  • •  Greater risk of failure and lack of support
  • •  Need to create a customer base from scratch
  • •  Need to develop and implement all business systems and processes, including marketing, human resources, and financial management

Buying a Restaurant Franchise


  • •  Access to an established business model and brand recognition
  • •  Proven track record of success and profitability
  • •  Ongoing support from the franchisor, including training and marketing assistance
  • •  Access to established supply chains and preferred pricing
  • •  Greater potential for success and reduced risk compared to starting a restaurant from scratch


  • •  Ongoing fees and royalties paid to the franchisor
  • •  Less flexibility in menu and branding, and adapting to local market conditions
  • •  Limited ability to differentiate the restaurant from other franchise locations
  • •  Potential for conflicts with other franchisees or the franchisor
  • •  Risk of changes in the franchise system or business model over time, which may not align with the owner's vision


Ultimately, the decision to start your own restaurant or buy a franchise depends on your personal preferences, goals, and financial situation. It's important to weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a decision.

strEATS Kitchen - Shaking Up Canadian Fast-Casual Dining

No matter where in the world you travel, chances are you can find a unique culinary experience on the streets of any city. From arepas in Venezuela to bánh mì in Vietnam, street food is the great unifier – even if what’s on the menu is different everywhere you go.

In Calgary, in Alberta, Canada, the innovative dining concept of strEATS was born in 2017 to harness the vibrant spirit of street food around the world. This energy was channeled into a creative, and constantly rotating, menu chock-full of inspired tacos, poutines, burritos and bowls, all bursting with fresh ingredients and global flavors.

Over the past five years, the business has grown to include over 20 locations across North America, each with its own unique vibe to reflect the locale in which it sits. As it has scaled, strEATS has not only delivered on its commitment to turn fast-casual dining on its head with mind-blowing experiences, but it also has upheld standards of environmental sustainability and community involvement along the way.

For prospective franchisees joining the strEATS team, the level of support that comes with owning and operating your own business is practically second to none.

Beyond Oil and Joey's Franchising Complete Successful Testing & Pilot Program in Canada

Beyond Oil Ltd. (CSE:BOIL) ("Beyond Oil" or the "Company") is a food-tech innovation company extending the life of frying oil, reducing costs and waste, is pleased to announce that, following its news release dated March 22, 2022, a testing and pilot program (the "Pilot Program") of Beyond Oil's product by Joey's Franchising Ltd. ("Joey's") has successfully been completed.

"During my thirty-five years in the restaurant and food service industry, we have tried all the products we could find to extend the life of our frying oil, and Beyond Oil's product is the only one that has delivered," said Joe Klassen, CEO of Joey's. "Most restaurants have to change their frying oil every three to seven days, but after completing our Pilot Program in a working restaurant, we can confirm Beyond Oil's formulation can extend the life of frying oil up to 14 days."

Read more here.

strEATS: Authentically Inauthentic

While strEATS burst onto the scene in Calgary, Canada, in 2017, it wasn’t the team’s first rodeo. They had already solidified their claim to fame with Joey’s Seafood Restaurants, a staple in Canada since 1985, celebrated for fish and chips and a secret-family-recipe golden batter that Joe (Joey) Klassen developed himself.

But now, with strEATS, they’re dominating the fast-casual market with cutting-edge food trends and a globally inspired menu that features a mouthwatering array of tacos, burritos, and poutines (otherwise lovingly known as street food and the inspiration behind the strEATS moniker).

It’s what Colin Klassen, strEATS’ head chef and menu mastermind, calls “instagrammable quick- service food,” and its popularity is spreading like wildfire. The brand has already rolled out restaurants in four Canadian provinces, adding a dozen locations in 2021.

The Shift to Fish Shack is Growing Serious Momentum

The growth of North America’s largest seafood restaurant chain has been spurred on by a change in how consumers are eating out. Joey’s Fish Shack’s focus on the experience has drawn the attention of restaurateurs nation-wide.

“Our restaurant has grown up. It’s less cafeteria and far cozier,” says Joe Klassen, founder and CEO of Joey’s Only Franchising Ltd. “Our restaurant décor makes for a more welcoming feel.”

Another new Joey’s has evolved in the west end of Edmonton. The opening of Joey’s Fish Shack in Terra Losa in August 2021 makes 8 new Joey’s Fish Shacks in less than a year.