To anyone and everyone who may have seen Be The Boss Canada last night.

I was incredibly proud of both Aaron and Kim. They were thrown into situations in the TV show where they would purposely fail by the producers. Joey’s really did not have any input on the challenges in anyway. Some of the yelling scenes were actually shot and acted out a few times. Ironic to me, because I loath yelling and completely understand how it makes an individual feel, especially when from a ‘leader’.

Please do not use the TV show as a barometer of our restaurants or the great people who own and manage them. We have a tremendous team of Franchise Partners who work tirelessly day in and day out to provide our great food and service to our wonderful guests. We are very proud of the company Joe has established and the the leader that he is to us. Comments from a few, sadden me, in that I may have failed Joe by being misunderstood in the role the show had me play.

I hope you can understand that the show, was a show. I played a role in that show, it is not a true reflection of me or Joey’s. We are a group who appreciates our employees, our Franchise Partners and understand that our success is merely a by-product of their success.

We all had a great deal of fun filming this show and it was an honour for me to be asked to represent our Brand.


Rob Hilditch, aka Joey Franchise